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Open Tour / Just go for it
The focus is on your wishes and ideas. You specify what is important to you and which priorities you set. On this basis we make the first recommendations and then expand it step by step.
Exploring Vietnam without any time pressure is the best way to explore the country. More and more travelers are enjoying this type of tour.
The main idea is that you choose an area or a destination. It starts without a fixed schedule and you decide when and where you will stay or simply spend more time. We or our drivers are always at your side and look for the appropriate accommodation for you.
This is definitely the most individual way to experience Vietnam and there is no shortage of enjoyment. The driver relieves you of all worries and you do not have to put yourself through the stress of traffic in Vietnam.
Of course you can also rent a moped and explore areas that you would never see on 4 wheels. We are also very happy to do that.
We plan open tours together with you. This does not create a "timetable" but a guideline for direction and duration. If you play with the idea, then you have to set certain limits and also build in reserve days. In Vietnam, 200km a day is a long distance. If we calculate with an average of 40 km/h, then that's a full day (5 hours driving + breaks + sightseeing etc.). 40 km/h is optimistic and "borderline" in the mountains.
Another point is the vehicle. Is a 4 seater car enough for you? Or better a pick-up or 7 seater? Do you need a 16-seater for your family?
The choice of vehicle is strongly determined by the region. This question is often already answered by the necessary ground clearance of the vehicle and the 4-seater car is ruled out in many cases. We do NOT recommend the so-called VIP limousines they are not suitable for touring. You can see "zero"  through the tinted side windows.
Depending on the time of year, there may be road closures. These cannot be calculated and storms are also not calculable. You always have to keep that in mind and that's what makes these tours so unique.